Our Team

Mr. Jaganathan

Organization Head Coimbatore


To be a successful in your business you need to have a powerful weapon called “Passion” I entered this business as a normal engineering graduate with lot of dreams, but this business turned my dreams into reality Coming from a middle class family I always expected to have a lifestyle which can inspire people After completing my graduation , I got and opportunity here to run my own business It was quite difficult for me to adapt to this business environment at a point of time I understood that this what I need I have gone through lots of ups and down in this business which builded a strong attitude and confidence in me .

I just followed one mantra to be successful in this business is
“If you stick, you will click”.,
By Jaganathan / Organization Head Coimbatore
My journey as Owner started on October 2010 and from then it has been a wonderful journey which gave me a lot of exposure to this business. Field is a place where all my skills developed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who have been a mentor for me in this business, were I always owe my gratitude.

Karthika N

I always like calling myself a girl with lot gratitude of what I have in my life. Coming from a middle class family my expectation in life and career was very normal. Completing my Post graduation in Master of Science,I always looked for a job which can fulfil my expectations as a science graduate, but fortunately I opted to be a HR of an organization From the day I joined in this company I found a tremendous growth both personally and professionally. This business is the only reason for who I am right now. I would like to thank my mentors in this business who is a live example for me and who keep me motivated all the time

By Karthika / Senoir HR Manager
My Owner Mr.Jaganathan is the reason from my immensive growth in this organization. He has thought me each n every aspects of this business right from admin works to handling an organization right now. All the owners of my organization have been a biggest strength and support for me. Now comes my backbone “The HR team”. The best team is always the reason for an individual success. I always have big pride in having a very supportive HR team with me My journey of 9 years in this business has always been like a roller coaster ride with lots of twist and turn but its my team, my owners, my HR team who help me to ride in safe and reach my destination were I wanted to reach. I thank each and everyone who gave me a opportunity to work in a profile where it is all about team and team work I have started to enterprise in my career and what about you?

Karthika N

Senior HR manager

Sherine Maria Benitta

HR manager

Sherine Maria Benitta

I joined AURO as others did. Being an MBA graduate my ambition was to become an HR Manager, when the opportunity was provided from there on well understood the profile and i thought this is going to be my cup of tea from now on. The one thing what I always loved about this office is being committed and to take life smooth and easy rather complicating.

By Sherine Maria Benitta / HR manager
Moreover I have gained lot of learning as how to be planned, organised, being dedicated and even being responsible and keep upgrading myself that would take me to great heights. Its Super Cool to work with Auro and I believe I am on the right path to success.