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About Auro

We bridge the gap between our clients and their customers.

Auro organization is a young and dynamic direct sales and marketing company which deals with fortune 500 companies in India. For our clients to reach their customers we provide a direct path by the powerful method called human commercial.

Auro Organization as a company that provides a platform for fresher to develop the entrepreneurship and leadership quality to build a legacy of their own. Through our various modules of training and development, we not only make the candidate suitable for the high-functioning entrepreneurship life but also give them a lifetime opportunity to becoming an entrepreneur who can own and run a business in future.

Whom we work with?

Entertainment - DTHs

Charities - NGOs/IGOs

Banking - Credit Cards


My Journey of BA to OWNERSHIP: I would like to say a big thank to my father because he is my 1st mentor for my life. He has taught me to be patience and to never give up at any situations. I was pretty skeptical joining ETIQU, as I am BCOM graduate and most of my friends discouraged me because it's FIELD WORK. But I took this up anyway as I need a job and surprised to see that coaching and mentoring everyone. More practical one on one based .I developed communication skills and my self confidence because of field I went learned from different characters... At the point that I was scared of dealing with customers/ new PPL face to face. With help of my mentor and TRAINER I overcome my situation.

My success mantra is
Take Ur goals KEEP THINKING,
Share with others KEEP TALKING,
Work with all KEEP PRACTICING...
By BALAKRISHNAN / Business Head Madurai

After few weeks and few months I was position to manage and coach others. I like to thank this opportunity from the bottom of my heart Such a great opportunity,I got an incredible growth structure this company. As a normal average guy like me couldn't speak in English at the beginning.after I joined this entrepreneurship profile/game many times I lost my confidence & attitude but I never thought of quit. I practiced more failure up& down again Nd again which I developed my attitude+ decision making ability and leadership skills.. One thing I understand from my journey if I want to be successful, I have to be patience Nd not worry about "what I don't have, always think and stick to what I have".

Saravana Kumar

Hi !!! I am Saravana Kumar, After completing my engineering in electrical and electronics was looking for a career where I can learn and grow faster and to make my parents to feel proud. Hence it was natural expectation that i would support the family after my graduation .After trying my hand in a couple of jobs, Nothing gave me a growth and money which i expected, then I answer an add from monster and got opportunity to build my career here, During this journey i have gone through lot many Difficulties and challenges .Coming from the lower middle class background, it took little while to understand the corporate culture , entrepreneurship , confident to talk to strangers , my personality, etc, Even though I take it as a challenge and proved myself, By following the system of the company I developed my skills which helped me to run a successful business unit.

Where i got the Big opportunity called
By Saravana Kumar / Business Head Trichy
By all counts and measures, entrepreneurship comes with its own struggles, Struggles not just in professional life where they have to prove as a leader and built their own company , but also in the personal life. It is a general mint-set where parents want their children to follow a stereotypical career path which is to study, get a degree, work, money, marry, etc., The journey does not end here, and another cycle of responsibility starts with relationships, marriage, children ,and dozens of family responsibilities . By this time most people have less time to even think about entrepreneurship and they simply continue with their jobs and are happy with steady jobs and salaries.